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Bill Clinton: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

Bill Clinton: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." Barbara Bush: "Clinton lied. A man might forget where he parks, or where he lives. But he never forgets oral sex..." Sweet, sweet head. The marvellous act of a woman kneeling before you to kiss, to suck, to worship your cock. No one, not even the full-lipped Monica Lewinsky, has embraced it more expertly than red-haired fellatrix Fellucia Blow.

Since she launched her eponymous site felluciablow.com last autumn, Ms Blow (not her real name) has become the connoisseur's pole-smoker: stylishly filmed and set to purring jazz, against the workaday white van of most porn, Fellucia's work is chauffeur-driven luxury stuff.

While Fellucia is not a porn actress, she does earn her living by giving blow jobs to real guys on video which other people pay to watch.

Video 69, for example, features Fellucia straddling a man's chest and leaning over to suck his cock. Her breasts lie against his stomach. Her hands, overexposed, stroke his balls. Her eyelids are dark shadow, echoing the sculpted dark of her cheeks as she runs her mouth up from the base of his penis. Her lips slide back up his shaft and catch lusciously over the bulb; she looks at the camera as her tongue darts across his frenulum. Her head speeds up, and she starts to use her hands, pushing her mouth down then pulling back up to spit and lick the tip...

What is it about fellatio?

From the latin fellare, to suck, fellatio has long been a seminal - ahem - part of our sexual experience. Until recently it was thought that humans and bonobo chimps were the only creatures to enjoy chasing brain. But recently fruit bats have been found to be in on the act, and that fellating females are rewarded for their actions with longer intercourse. Wonderfully, the Telegraph quoted surprised Canadian scientist Paul Vasey of the University of Lethbridge, Alberta, explaining that there could be evolutionary reasons why female bats blow the males, but then again they might be doing it for fun.

According to paleontologist Yves Coppens, evidence of oral sex is found in our earliest civilisation. Lucy, the first prehistoric woman, practised a kind of paleo-fellatio. Tucked away in the British Museum are explicit depictions of the myth of Ancient Egyptian gods Osiris and Isis: after Osiris was killed by his brother and cut into pieces, his sister Iris put him back together and "blew" life into him by sucking his penis. An alternative take on the kiss of life.

Elsewhere, the BJ has nuzzled its way into our more recent cultural canon. WH Auden, better known for work such as "Lay Your Sleeping Head, My Love", wrote a paean to it, "The Platonic Blow", and John Updike penned "Fellatio". On a rather different register, it also played muse for one of the most famous porn flicks of all time: Deep Throat cost $22,500 to make and was said to have grossed more than $600m.

Part of the blow job's beauty is the singular pleasure it gives both parties. While the priapic male has all the obvious benefits, the ministering female has the hedonistic joy of bringing him - at whichever pace she desires - to the dizziest heights of sexual ecstasy. She is rewarded with a panoply of sensations: the heady, masculine smell of his groin; the rush of mastery and control as he weeps and cries beneath her (that she is not being stimulated herself seriously adds to this kick: as you'll know, 69 is a very different beast); his penis growing harder and tauter under the ministrations of her lips, deepening in colour, and at last jerking in desperation before firing long hot waves of ejaculate down her throat, across her face... A lawyer friend of mine can bring herself to glorious full- body orgasm, untouched, by sucking cock slowly, dextrously and mercilessly until her man can stand it no longer.

"I love to feel the warmth and texture of his penis in my mouth, when it grows with pleasure," says Fellucia. "And I love to be rewarded with his orgasm. With the site, I wanted to present my passion in an erotic and elegant way. I didn't want to be shown sucking dick."

Fellatio has been an obsession for Fellucia as long as she can remember - she's forgotten how old she was when she gave her first - and making the images and videos is now a full-time job. Each week she adds fresh footage; already her site has around 400,000 hits a month, and approaching 4,000 members.

Unlike all those daunting visions of surgically enhanced fembots grimacing at the undercarriage of freakishly hung fridge repairmen, this is proper fantasy. Heck, if as Susan Sontag suggested, the difference between pornography and art is in its "originality, thoroughness, authenticity and power", then you could even call this site art. If you'll forgive me mixing my metaphors, we're talking Nigella, a thinking man's vision in a world previously dominated by Ready Steady Cook. Of course, the truth of the pudding is in the eating. As a Renaissance man with wide-ranging tastes, maybe you should try it for yourself...

Original article published in GQ Magazine, in June, 2010

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