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How to breathe your way to success

We take, on average, 20,000 breaths a day, more than seven million a year. And yet we may be doing it completely wrong. It transpires that the way we live, all hustle and frenzy, m… Read full article..

Fix mindset, movement, nutrition and sleep at Bodyism at Macakizi

Want to work out like an A-lister? Maybe in an outdoor studio by the ocean? With their ruthlessly effective personal training and high-luxe locations, it’s no wonder many of Hollyw… Read full article..

Tune in to a new wavelength at this psychedelic sound therapy studio

Brick lane is the kind of place Londoners visit for Friday-night hedonism. As I push open a door off the main drag, I’m seeking a different escape. Informed by research into psych… Read full article..

Well, well, well: your guide to health and wellness in 2019

Rebecca Newman rounds up all you need to stay buoyant in mind, body and spirit, from hi-tech sleep trackers to phytoplankton (yes, plankton…)   Sleep shortcuts Let 2019 be th… Read full article..

Travel guide to Indonesia: There's no better place to go 'off-grid'

A string of islands thrust up by volcanoes and scattered across more than 3,000 miles of ocean between Asia and Australia, Indonesia offers boundless opportunity for endorphin-soa… Read full article..

Would you pay £200,000 to find happiness? Discover the secrets of the Extraordinary Adventure Club

The northern lights flashed across the sky as a heavily wrapped-up figure brought her dog sled to a halt. Beneath the down layers was a Hollywood actress and singer who has been f… Read full article..

Waning energy? Low mood? Lacklustre libido? You could benefit from hormone therapy

I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me,’ says Sarah (not her real name), a 28-year-old media lawyer. ‘I was feeling low and irritable. I stopped getting a kick out of my … Read full article..

The best hangover cures

Ernest Hemingway swore by absinthe mixed with champagne, and Hunter S Thompson a box of poppers; more recently Nigella Lawson praised the ‘prairie oyster’ (an egg yolk, Worceste… Read full article..

All about the microbiome: How to have a healthy gut and boost your body's immunity

We are now at that time of year when winter bugs flourish and commuting becomes a mission to evade spluttered germs and viruses. Wouldn’t it be great to find a way not to get sick… Read full article..

Muscle definition - this summer’s must-have

The blue studio lights reflect on the punch bag as it spins in front of me; I can taste sweat and almost feel the house music as I jab and hook to the beat. Exhilaration ripples t… Read full article..

Sound baths, quartz and harmonised water: why the beauty world is buzzing for holistic vibration treatments

Saturday night in Soho, and there’s a shimmering sensation in my forehead. Nothing illegal, mind. Rather, I’m at a ‘Sound Healing’ concert, in which crystal bowls are being rubbed… Read full article..

Would you take a new £1,300 DNA test that could save your life?

On a wet Wednesday morning I’m reading a glossy, A3-sized health report that promises to unpack the secrets of my DNA. It informs me that I’m twice as likely to get heart di… Read full article..

How to have a healthy gut and boost your body's immunity

We are now at that time of year when winter bugs flourish and commuting becomes a mission to evade spluttered germs and viruses. Wouldn’t it be great to find a way not to get sick… Read full article..

Survival of the richest: how London's super-rich are trying to buy immortality

You’ve got the Lamborghini and the Learjet, the houses and quite possibly the palaces; Erdem designs your dresses and you’ve got heaps of diamonds. What next? Well, adornment can … Read full article..

The Power Hour

You’re busy, stressed and can barely get to the end of Tuesday without a crisp glass of Chablis. Don’t worry, help is at hand in the form of the Power Hour: an early morning ‘me… Read full article..

Elle Macpherson: The Body at 50

Elle Macpherson wafts into a rooftop room in the London Edition hotel, all tumbling sunshine blonde hair and muscular brown arms. Encased in a leather dress with a plunging back… Read full article..

Bee Beautiful

On the one hand, bee pollen, honey, royal jelly and beeswax are potent beauty ingredients - Victoria Beckham and Kate Middleton are fans. On the other, bees are dying:… Read full article..

Cape Crusade: Cycling in South Africa

A city flanked by Table Mountain and the rolling Atlantic, with an enviable restaurant and party scene; a currency that’s weak against the pound; an overnight flight away… There… Read full article..

Lift off: Skiing in Verbier

What do you look for in a ski resort? Chances are it’s a winning blend of interesting terrain and fantastic après; perhaps ease of access for the weekend, and the chance that yo… Read full article..

Pedal power: London's latest fitness cult

What’s New York’s latest fitness obsession? Cycling. In particular, intense spin classes taking place in near darkness while you shout out mantras such as ‘Be honest about who y… Read full article..

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