Sex Shrink: The GQ sex report 2012

There are tides in the affairs of men.

There are tides in the affairs of men. Not just in their affairs, of course, though with sexting and location-based dating apps,  there is certainly a whole host of new ways to seek illicit encounters. There are also tides in most other aspects of men's relationships - heck, in their fidelity, erotic inventiveness, frequency and depravity. 

So GQ decided it was time to take the sexual temperature, as it were, of British men. To observe what was changing and what not, who is loving, who libidinous, who lacklustre. To ask the questions you'd love to know the answer to, but which are hard to bring up. (After all, where does a dinner conversation go once you've asked your fellow hombre if he has ever come early, or watched animal porn?)

To compile our up-close-and-personal encounter with the male libido, last month we launched a comprehensive online sex survey with Your answers provided us with insights into the brave new world of your erotic exploits, the successes and, here and there, the failures.

Perhaps it is unsurprising that as society gradually accepts the Kinsey sliding scale - that few of us are entirely hetrosexual or homosexual - over half of you who consider yourselves straight also acknowledge a moment of attraction to another man.

Fifty five per cent of you want more blow jobs - hopefully not the 22 per cent who have received head in the office. If we look at the results from a political perspective, the Tories lead the tables in receiving fellatio in surprising places. One hundred per cent of UKIP members who declared themselves in "open relationships" admitted they have had relationships with more than two partners, but Lib Dems top them: 40 per cent of Clegg-voters have had three or more partners on the go.

Perplexingly, a third of you engage in cunnilingus less than once a week - dear people, is it unsurprising you are by and large unhappy in your relationships? As are those who haven't had sex outside the bed. Oh, and those who earn £100,000 are most likely to have been unfaithful. So girls, beware the man with the big packet. And boys - read on. And see how you measure up.

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Original article published in GQ Magazine, in August, 2012