Sex Shrink: How do I make her forget her well-endowed ex?

Her ex is a big guy. In the trouser department. Positions to make her forget about it?

Image by Grace Vane Percy

The Sex Shrink says...

Ah yes. Let's detonate the fallacy that size might not matter. Of course it does. (He might have been too big, and his long dong living on in her nightmares and not her fantasy. Yup, and Nick Clegg might be our next prime minister.) Happily I've chosen a series of positions for little old you that will make her feel deeply, utterly, massively fulfilled.

Anything in which she has her knees drawn up to her chest is worth exploring. Try à la negrésse (the deliciously démodé title from Seventies bible The Joy Of Sex). She starts on all fours and you press your hand or elbow between her shoulder blades to force her upper body into the carpet. This is a brilliantly submissive position, her cheek ground into the floor at every stroke. It lends itself neatly to the kind of power play and nasty talk that can bend her mind into the moment and have her feel yours and yours alone. (Not his.) Perhaps cuff her wrists. And if you really want to up the ante, close her legs and take her with your thighs outside hers. Try this if for no other reason than the uniquely thrilling sounds she'll be making…

"Bend and stretch" - with you both standing, and her flexed over at the waist to hold her ankles - is equally dominant and deep. As is "the butterfly", where she is on her back on the bed, with her hips over the edge; you take her standing, and she wraps her ankles round your ears, tilting her hips up (unless you really are small). This hits the clitoris, the G, everything else good - and repays long, slow, heavy thrusts.

Last for today, if you're feeling lazy as well as inadequate, the reverse cowgirl never fails. Bonne chance!

Original article published in GQ Magazine, in October, 2012

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