Sex Shrink: How to use your hand for her pleasure

An entertaining new technique to bring her to orgasm by hand?

Fine question. No matter how many bells, whistles, ball gags and pheasant feathers you may sometimes throw in the mix, it's always worth returning to fingerwork. Start with her aroused, her stockinged legs flung apart and you with one hand cupping her face, the other trailing down to her naked sex. She is wet. You slide your finger between her lips and touch - just barely - the top of her clitoris with the tip of your finger. Look into her eyes. Pin her down with the intesnity of your gaze. And, so lightly, move your finger from side to side. But the movement is so slight it is more of a vibration. Yes, it may take a while. It will be worth it. So, if you a) don't have much patience or b) wish to notch it up still further, use the Luxuotiq Athena Glass Dildo (£74. At Sh!, with a lubricant (Sliquid Silver Silicone Lubricant, £18.99. At, to put steady pressure on her G-spot.

Original article published in GQ, in March, 2014

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