Learning the ropes

Using GQ’s unrestricted guide, successfully harness the erotic power of bondage and your reputation as a lover will know no bounds.

Imagine her kneeling naked before you.

Her wrists are bound together with rope. She is wearing a black silk blindfold. Her lips are parted, her cheeks flushed, her nipples erect with excitement. You pause, making her wait: you are about to give her the ride of her life...

Lovers come and go – often, quite literally. But if you want to be the lover whose name brings a far-off look, that man among men who is remembered when the rest have been forgotten, I have one word for you. Bondage.

For some, the word suggests a fat man in a gimp mask and flippers; for others, images of cheap PVC and Ann Summers handcuffs. Forget all this. While it may be a general term for physical restraint, the power of bondage is in the mind. It is the arousal of surrender, and the exquisite torture of being entirely at....


Original article published in GQ Magazine, in February, 2013