Sex Shrink: A new hand pattern to awaken her senses

"Sex Shrink, share with me a new hand pattern to awaken her senses?"

Image by Grace Vane Percy

Today, my friend, we are not going to talk about the clitoris. Or, not the clitoral head, at any rate. Rather, the intense sensitivity of the vulva floor: the zone that extends from the base of the clitoris and out to the inner lips is highly responsive and easily overlooked. 

Let us assume that you have kissed her hair, removed her dress, swept her hands above her head and cuffed them to the bottom of the bed. That you have teased your lips and the hard of your stubble down her breasts and belly until she is so eager her vagina has swollen and opened.

Using a few drops of silicone lube, such as Play With Me (£13.48. At Illicit Touch., work your forefinger from her vagina, round her clitoris and back down - a measured loop. With your other hand, gently stroke the back of her thighs, or up across her chest.

Assuming you can see she's in the mood and enjoying it, don't stop. Tell her how you want to go forever, and stroke and stroke: an expert would laugh at less than 15 minutes. The steady pace is something she will rarely experience and it will be a mindf***, and she can end up shivering from head to toe. If she needs something stronger, make smaller half circles around her clitoris, rubbing against its base. Notice the points that are most responsive: five o'clock and seven o'clock are often especially effective.


Original article published in GQ Magazine, in January, 2013

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