Sex Shrink: The Best Clasping Toys

She likes her toys. Should our next acquisition be the We-Vibe4 or the Lelo Ida?

The Sex Shrink says...

My friend, two great choices. The Lelo Ida (£134. features a round disc at the base, from which a finger protrudes. The finger slides inside her, while the round base sits outside to stimulate her clitoris; the toy is shaped such that you can make love while she is wearing it. A remote control allows you to change through the eight vibrating and rotating modes even when you can't easily reach the vibe itself.

The We-Vibe 4 (£125. At builds on the success of, you guessed it, the three previous We-Vibes. A supple U-shape, the We-Vibe forms to her body, stimulating from her clitoris to her G and again can be worn during sex. This latest iteration stays in place better and has six vibration modes each of which can be made more or less intense. It also has a remote control.

If you are new as a couple to using internal toys, perhaps start with the We: it is easier to get used to - and has the edge for hard, animal thrusting - in that its fabric gives more than the less flexible Ida. 

But the Ida will form to her well for a great range of positions: try the leapfrog position (a doggy variant in which her forearms are flat and her face rests on the bed) to maximise sensation for her; the Ida will also stimulate the underside of your cock. More than that, the Ida's remote is the more powerful (it has the edge in terms of not losing connectivity - and also works with "Sense Motion", in which you wave the remote upward to increase the vibration). The Ida is definitely the choice if she is a sucker for G-Spot orgasm... 

Bon voyage.

Original article published in GQ, in April, 2014

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