Sex Shrink: On Pinwheels

Oracle, what's a small but effective pocket-sized toy?

The Sex Shrink says...

The pinwheel. A magnificent, super-simple piece of bondage kit - a little like a small pizza cutter, only instead of a round blade, it's a wheel with a series of serrated teeth. Perhaps the best around at the minute is one by Crave Incoqnito, which also includes a spike (£76. At

Imagine you have her tied down - perhaps in the table scenario above - and use it to mess with her a little. Her pupils are dilated and her breasts erect and she is hungry for you; you are not going to sate her until she is whirling up on endorphins. When you have warmed her up with your breath or fingertips, perhaps allow her a deep kiss, maybe press the hot hardness of your cock into her restrained hand. Now kiss down to her breasts, nuzzle your face into the soft of her belly and waist and, even as your cheek is lying on the curves of her left side - run the pinwheel lightly down the right side of her waist. It doesn't take much pressure. At least to start with you are playing with the surprise, with the cold of the metal.

While keeping one hand playing delicately, use the other to run the pinwheel down her leg. Take her nipple in your mouth and lap it with a long, flat tongue, while you run the wheel across her palm, maybe under her knee, along the sole of a foot. This sort of game is given extra piquancy if you are using a nipple clamp: by providing constant, low-level almost-pain, the clamp ramps up the adrenaline in the body and brings added intensity to any other stimulation. Again Coco de Mer has some lovely ones: try the Sylvie Monthule Crested Nipple Clamps, whose loops are easily adjusted (£90. Remember not to leave them on for more than 15 minutes, and be sure to time their removal with a peak as they are at their most sensitive once they are removed and the blood returns.

Now, you might gladly untie her and move into all kind of impact play, from soft spanking at the sweet spot where her ass meets her thighs through to heavy work on the flesh of her upper back; then again you might continue to muddle sensation with hot wax and ice. Or you might choose to pull her to the edge of the table, wrap her legs around your waist or neck, and pull yourself deep, deep into her, letting the brilliance of your cock and the throb of her nipples spark and twirl...

Original article published in GQ, in May, 2014

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