Sex Shrink: Top three sex positions

Could you name three sex secrets women wish we knew?

Image by Grace Vane Percy

The Sex Shrink says...

One: the power of the shut pussy. Just this once, compare her jade gate with your chocolate spider. Imagine if someone took their index finger and rammed it in your ass. Right? Now, unless she's warmed up, wanting, on the point of combustion, a finger in her does not feel a whole lot better. Even in aggressive sex, a masterful lover will never open her without her being wet or using a decent quantity of lube or saliva. Cradle her in your hands. Stroke her. Push her whole mons, with a decent pressure. Even pull her lips. Undulate your hand across her box with your fingers edging close to her va-jayjay. Sooner or later she'll welcome you in.

Two: there's a vast amount to be celebrated in the great gamut of exciting, inverted, hanging-from-the-door-frame sex. There is also something fantastic about eye-to-eye, lips-to-lips, candlelit missionary. But this route needs to be finished off correctly. It is only half the experience if you don't take her in your arms at the end and stroke her so she continues to fly...

Three: how little work you need to do when she is on top. Sure, it is nice to mix it up, and if she's tiring, by all means give her a helping hand. But if she is kneeling over you, or squatting in Asian or reverse Asian cowgirl, let her amuse herself by choosing the angles, the pace. The only addition you may choose to make is in holding a pebble vibe, like a Lelo (£63. against her clitoris, in the cupping position.

Original article published in GQ Magazine, in July, 2012

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